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Radio Interview

A grand evening, having the great pleasure of being able to speak again with BBC Radio Shropshire yesterday evening on a personal level about my future career prospects, including the launch of my new website; Charles Webb - Autism & Me, as well as the launch of my Facebook page too.

The focus of both my website and Facebook page will be sharing an insight into my lived experiences with Autism, offering tailored advice, information and support to autistic individuals, those awaiting an ASD Assessment and for any neurotypical individuals who want to understand the Autism Spectrum. I will also be documenting my own personal and professional achievements and milestones that I have accomplished in my life, which I hope will inspire others to believe that anything is possible for anyone living with Autism.

This leads me to the exciting announcement of my Autobiography, something which I have always aspired to produce, but feel strongly I needed to be in the right headspace to start planning this. What has really inspired me to proceed with this most recently is reflecting on life events that have occurred in the past and present, recording all the key events as they happened, the central characters in my life; my family and friends, etc, talking openly about my difficulties with mental and physical health, as I not only live with Autism, but have Epilepsy, and hidden disabilities. I have experienced bullying, both in person and on social media platforms, feeling like I was all on my own, with no one to confide in, stemming back to childhood, when I had difficulties with social interaction, becoming easily frustrated, lacking in confidence, and had no friends. I have really embraced enjoying my own company, as I am a firm believer that sometimes all you need is self love and empowerment to recognise that you are good enough and have so much to offer and achieve in life, through pure strength, motivation and dedication.

I am truly thrilled for this new chapter in my life, with a focus on my website, Facebook page and my Autobiography which will be a long term project that I will invest heavily in, with a release date to be confirmed, watch this space!

Thank you for all of your continual support! Like, comment and share, let your family, friends or anyone you know who might find my website and page a source of inspiration to them, it really means the world to me.

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